Q: Why doesn’t SkipLock work on Android 5.0 Lollipop?

A: Google made some changes to Android 5.0 that make it impossible for an app – any app – to unlock the device. This is a devastating development both for me personally, and for users of SkipLock. I’ve researched the issue heavily, and have come to the conclusion that there is no way around this problem, even with root. It is unlikely that SkipLock will work on any versions of Android past 5.0 as well. Sadly, this means that SkipLock and other apps like it will die a slow death as Android 5.0 adoption grows. Believe me, I am as upset about this as you are. Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it. If you want to continue using SkipLock, I recommend you don’t upgrade to Android 5.0.

Update: An update to Google Play Services in Android 5.0 has added much of SkipLock’s functionality: http://www.droid-life.com/2014/11/18/android-5-0-feature-google-updates-smart-lock-on-lollipop-to-include-trusted-places/

Some people have emailed me to ask whether they can get a refund since SkipLock doesn’t work on Android 5.0. The answer is no. I cannot and do not guarantee that SkipLock will run on future versions of Android. To provide such a guarantee, I would have to be able to see into the future, which is obviously not possible. You will not find any other apps that provide this guarantee either. This is a standard policy across the industry. SkipLock is only guaranteed to work on versions of Android that I have specifically designed it to work on, which is Android 4.x.

Q: I can’t uninstall the app!

A: The best way to uninstall the app is to use the “Uninstall” option in the app’s menu. This is because the app is a device administrator, and the app must deactivate itself as a device administrator before it can be uninstalled.


If that doesn’t work, you may be running into a rare bug in Android that prevents device administrator apps from being uninstalled. Please remember that this is a bug in Android itself, not SkipLock. There are two ways to get around this bug. One requires root, and other doesn’t.

Root method: Using either Titanium Backup (premium version) or another root uninstaller app, disable or freeze SkipLock, then uninstall it.

Non-root method: Boot your device into safe mode by holding the power button until the power-off menu appears, then press and hold on “Power off”. You will see a pop-up that allows you to reboot to safe mode. Once in safe mode, go to Settings > Security > Device administrators,  uncheck SkipLock, and deactivate it as a device administrator. If the checkbox isn’t unchecked after you deactivate it, try rebooting into safe mode again and deactivating it again. You may have to do this quite a few times. Just keep deactivating and rebooting to safe mode and it will eventually stay unchecked (or disappear from the list). After you have deactivated SkipLock as a device administrator, you can uninstall it as usual, via Settings > Apps > SkipLock.


Q: I uninstalled SkipLock, but my phone still asks for a password.

A: SkipLock sets your Android system password when you install it on an unrooted device. After you uninstall SkipLock, the Android system password is still there. To remove it, just go to your Android security settings and set the screen lock type to “none” or “slide”.


Q: The phone shows a regular keyboard instead of a numeric keyboard when entering my PIN

A: This is a known problem on the Galaxy S5. It’s a bug in Samsung’s ROM. If I could fix it, I would, but I’m afraid there’s nothing I can do about it. Sorry.

Q: I re-installed SkipLock, and now it says it’s in trial mode even though I bought the upgrade already.

A: Tap “Upgrade” in the menu, and it will recognize that you already bought it and automatically convert into non-trial mode.

Q: SkipLock doesn’t work on my phone. Will buying the upgrade make it work?

A: No, it will not. There is no difference between the way the app works in trial mode versus paid mode. Do not buy the app if it is not working on your device.

Q: Why doesn’t SkipLock work on my device?

A: SkipLock works perfectly on 95% of Android devices. Unfortunately, some Android devices are a little different than others, and these differences prevent SkipLock from working properly. This is referred to as “fragmentation”. There are thousands of different Android devices out there, and I cannot possibly buy and test on them all. If SkipLock doesn’t work on your device, I’m sorry but there is probably nothing I can do about it.

Q: My phone won’t stay unlocked when connected to WiFi

A: Make sure you set “Keep WiFi on during sleep” to “Always”. This is in Android’s advanced WiFi settings. Settings > Wifi > Advanced > Keep WiFi on during sleep. Also try increasing the wifi timeout in the settings. Try 90 seconds, or 120 seconds.

Q: Can I turn the slide-to-unlock screen on or off?

A: Yes. While the phone is unlocked (connected to wifi or bluetooth), go to Settings > Security > Screen Lock and select either None or Slide.


Q: I’m connected to my home WiFi network, but the phone isn’t unlocked.

A: If you have more than one wifi router in your network, make sure you either add them all manually, or use the “Add all networks with this name” checkbox when adding the network. Also,  SkipLock won’t work if your employer enforces a password policy on your phone. Many corporate Exchange email users have this. If you are rooted, you may be able to avoid this.

Q: I’m getting a notification that says “Could not unlock device”.

A: This can happen for a number of reasons. Sometimes it’s a corporate email account that forces you to have a password and won’t let SkipLock unlock the phone. If you remove the email account, SkipLock may start working. It can also be caused by a VPN connection that enforces a password policy. Removing the VPN may help. Other apps can cause this to happen too, particularly device administrator apps like anti-virus or security apps. Sometimes reinstalling SkipLock may help.

Q: Why do I have to enter my password when I’m already connected to my WiFi network?

A: You have to enter your password the first time after you connect to your WiFi network. This is so that if someone steals or finds your phone, they can’t just bring it to your house to unlock it. After you enter your password once while connected to your wifi network, you won’t have to enter it again until you leave and disconnect from wifi.

Q: Why doesn’t my device lock as soon as I leave my home/work?

A: First, make sure it’s not just the built-in Android lock delay you’re seeing. Second, if your device loses the wifi signal while the screen is off, it waits for a little while (default 60 seconds) to see if the wifi will reconnect. If it does, then the device stays unlocked. This is so that a momentary loss of wifi signal doesn’t cause the phone to lock, which would be annoying. If the WiFi doesn’t reconnect within 60 seconds, then the device will lock itself. This waiting period is adjustable via the Wifi Timeout setting in SkipLock.

Q: What does the wifi timeout setting do?

A: See the question above.

Q: Why is the phone unlocked for a short time after I reboot?

A: If you reboot while the phone is unlocked, it will be unlocked when the phone first starts up. Android does not warn apps that a shutdown is occurring, so SkipLock cannot lock the phone before shutdown. SkipLock does start on boot, and will lock the phone as soon as possible. However, lots of other apps and system stuff are starting during boot as well, so sometimes SkipLock doesn’t get started by the system right away. There is no way to avoid this. However, it is not a realistic security risk. This only happens if you reboot while the phone was unlocked, and if it was unlocked then it wasn’t secure anyway so rebooting doesn’t change that. The only thing that could be a problem is if you shut down your phone while it’s unlocked, then you take it away from a safe location and lose it. Chances are you aren’t going to be doing that.

Q: Do I have to buy the upgrade separately on all of my devices?

A: No. You only have to purchase the upgrade once, and it will take effect on all of your devices. When you install SkipLock on a new device, it will automatically detect that you bought the upgrade, and will switch from trial to unlimited mode. This is assuming that you are signed into the Google Play app with the same account that you bought SkipLock with. If you have multiple Google accounts on your phone, make sure you are signed into the Google Play app with the correct account.

Q: I keep getting the “multiple routers detected” notification. How can I make it stop?

A: When you have multiple wifi routers in your network, you can either add them one by one, or all at once. If you add them all at once, you won’t get the notification. To add them all at once, use the “Add all networks with this name” checkbox on when you add the wifi network. You may also get the notification if your single router operates on both 2.4ghz and 5ghz simultaneously. The remedy is the same. If you don’t want to add all the routers in the network and you don’t want to see the notifications, you can turn them off by unchecking the “Show multi-router notification” setting.


Q: My device is locked and it won’t accept my password, or I forgot it

A: There is a rare bug in some Android ROMs that causes it to ask for your password even when the password is blank. Try pressing “enter” on the keyboard without entering anything. This may unlock the device. You can also try resetting your password using the Android Device Manager.

Q: What happened to the lock delay feature from Unlock With WiFi?

A: Android 4.0+ has a built in lock delay feature. It’s in Settings > Security > Automatically lock. This sets the delay. You probably want to make sure you don’t have “Power button instantly locks” checked.


Q: I’m having problems with the app. Seems like a bug.

A: First, try to make sure that the problem is reproducible. That means that you can make the problem happen every time using the same steps. Then press Bug Report in the menu and email it to me. That will help me figure out what’s wrong. Make sure to say what the problem is in your email. The bug report is useless to me without a description of the problem.

Q: Where’s the paid version? I only see the trial.

A: The full unlimited version is just the trial version unlocked with an in-app purchase. Once you upgrade, the trial turns into the unlimited version which will never expire. There is no difference in functionality after you upgrade.

Q: There’s no three dot menu button in the top bar, like I see in your screenshots.

A: On devices with a hardware menu button, the three dot menu button will not appear. Just press the hardware menu button to access the menu.


Q: Why aren’t lock patterns and face lock supported on unrooted devices?

A: Because it’s simply impossible. Android has no way of turning off lock patterns or face unlock without root. If it were possible, SkipLock would support it, but unfortunately Google made Android this way and there’s nothing I can do about it. You will not find any other app out there that supports patterns or face lock without root.

Q: Do I need to set an Android password to use SkipLock?

A: Yes. It doesn’t make sense to use SkipLock without a password. If your device is rooted, you should set a screen lock password in your Android settings before installing SkipLock. If your device is not rooted, then SkipLock sets your Android password for you and you don’t need to do it before installing SkipLock.

Q: A message keeps popping up that says “SkipLock has been granted superuser permissions”

A: You can turn those messages off in your Superuser or SuperSU app.

Q: Does SkipLock work with full device encryption?

A: No, it does not. It’s not possible to unlock the device when full encryption is enabled, so SkipLock cannot work with encryption. This is unlikely to ever change.

Q: When I try to buy the upgrade via in-app purchase, it shows the wrong Google account. I want to buy it with a different account.

A: In-app purchases are bought with the account that you are currently signed in with in the Google Play app. Open up the Google Play app, swipe right from the left edge, and choose the account you want to use from the drop-down menu. Then try to buy the SkipLock upgrade again.

Q: Will the fingerprint scanner on my phone ever be supported?

A: Sorry, no. Android does not provide an API for fingerprint scanners. Some OEMs may provide APIs for their fingerprint scanners, but I could not possibly afford to buy every one of them, and implement a different unlocking mechanism for each of them.